Explaining White Privilege in America

Explaining White Privilege in America

The existence of white privilege in America has become a burning issue. People of both white and black/ brown communities are questioning the fact that America a country of white privilege and they are endowed with more facilities than people of color.

What is white privilege?

Now the question is, what does the term ‘white privilege’ actually means? White privilege is a social term which gives white people access to extra social, political and financial benefits that are unavailable to people of color. It is more institutional than personal.

Does white privilege exist in America?

Some people would say white privilege is just a term, it has no legitimacy. They will use President Barak Obama as an example, but exceptions can’t be an example. Also Mr. Obama has to fight more opposition than any other president in history. Using Obama as an example does more to prove white privilege than to disprove the idea.

Facts that support the idea that white privilege exists in America

Rate of arrest– There is a strong mindset that black people are born criminal. As a result, they get arrested and punished for minor crimes, whereas, any white people will receive less punishment committing the same crime. As an example, white people use more drugs than black people. The rate of use of drugs among black people is 16% but 37% of the criminals arrested for drug offences are from the black community.

Less facilities in the education sector– In 2013 a report was published by Georgetown University calming that despite of being ineligible white students are more likely to be selected by 468 elite schools and universities.

Underestimated in job sectors– There are many homeless and jobless people in America but the number of black people and people of color is higher among them. Here education and skills are not barrier;here the problem is race and color.

Being angry is a crime– Just because of the skin color black people are often labeled as “angry black man”. As if getting angry is a crime and black people are the only ones it happens to. People who use Michelle Obama as an example, for them a line from Michelle’s experienced is shared here- “That’s have been the image people have tried to paint of me since the day Barack announced, that I’ am some kind of angry black woman.”

Housing Discrimination- According to the report of National Fair Housing Alliance, more than 4 million Latinos and Africans face housing discrimination each year.

As it is said before white privilege is not a personal act, rather it is an institutional act. That being said pretending that institutional racism doesn’t exist will not help solve the issue of racism happening all over the country.

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